And I Am Ready To Take Some Photos…


Scavenger Hunt Sunday….October 23rd…

These Scavenger Hunts are so addicting…and the prompts so challenging but also so much fun.


There was a tie here (at least in my mind)….the first is a photo of the sign that we are always sad to see out in front of our favorite little restaurant…and the second an adorable dog we spotted in the park with a message for us all (I guess he was upset that he had to be tied up outside the children’s playground while the wee little ones in his family got to play on the swings).


So many ways one could go with this prompt…and I decided to go with this park that goes under this spectacular hotel….this park is amazing and its thrilling to walk under a highrise…

Photography love...


We are quickly ushering in Fall and I am sure I am not the only one who went pumpkin on this one…but this stoop was just so tranquil looking…

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

4. FLY

Strong winds this past weekend…so the kites were out and this one had amazing height. Now there was another photographer takings loads of photos of this kite too…and I thought to myself I wonder if she is part of Scavenger Hunt Sunday…I guess I will find out soon enough….



Ok I had no idea what to do here…did I go the obvious the glass half full…wow this one was a stumper…so I decided to go with our cat (Joseph) who is always looking for the bright side of the room…his first preference is always the sun beam but when all else fails his bright side is under this lamp….

Can’t wait to see how everyone else interpreted this weeks prompts…and I can’t wait to hear everyone’s comments on my interpretations…the comments are always so helpful…


Shades of Autumn….Yellow

I stumbled upon this photo challenge last week and I am so glad that I did…the colors of autumn are such a fun perk of where I live these days….so here is to yellow…

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

We visited the farmers market today and not only did these tomatoes look delicious they tasted wonderful…

The Goose in the Park…

Fall flowers in the green market…
All my favorites shades of yellow…too bad they only last a few shorts week…

Scavenger Hunt Sunday…October 16th

Well its Sunday again…time to see all the great photos everyone took this week during the scavenger hunt.  I found this week’s prompts particularly challenging so I am excited to see how everyone interpreted them…I bet they are going to be great.


This was a tough one (actually all were this week) …. wasn’t exactly sure what was meant by abstract but I thought that the lines and colors on this one lent an abstract feel to this photo of my favorite subject.


Stumbled upon these round flowers of some sort during our walk last Sunday afternoon…they were round so I snapped this photo…but I still don’t know what they are…if anyone does please let me know.

Photography love...


Ok folks…work with me here on this one….does this count as fire..the gas flame under our favorite, can’t live without red Le Crueset pot…we have made some wonderful one-pot meals in this pot…many good memories.


4.  Seeing Faces in Strange/Unexpected Places

The unexpected place this cute little face (of half a face) appeared was on my memory card….my dear nephew got his hands on my camera and took a series of self photos…LOL….

5.    STARS

For this prompt I knew exactly what I wanted to do…and that was to walk over to the train station and take a photo of the constellations painted on the ceiling…its absolutely amazing.  And this is just a small portion of the ceiling….

But then on our walk we stumbled upon this art exhibit in the river…called “Reflecting the Stars”….the little white cells on top of each of these pieces of this abandoned pier light up in different formations at night – each formation a different constellation.

Can’t wait to go back and see this art exhibit at night in all its splendor….

Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s photos and to hearing everyone’s feedback on mine….

I Heart Faces – Photo Challenge – Raise Your Hand…

When I saw this photo challenge the first thing that came to mind was this photo of my little nephew raising his hand….

This photo was entered into the I Heart Faces photo challenge –

Photo Challenges & Photography Tutorials

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge – Green

I stumbled across this photo challenge while participating in Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday…and since green is my favorite color I thought I would give this a try too….looking forward to learning from the comments I receive and trying to find the other colors of autumn in the weeks ahead….

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

It seems like the leaves are taking longer to change this year…but interestingly I took this photo above this same weekend last year and the leaves in the photos are still green too.  Below you can see that the leaves in the city are just starting to turn from green to yellow..

I love these two vines attempting to grow in the city….A tree grows in Brooklyn…and a vine grows in NYC….one is trying to grow right on the avenue and the other in the park…bonus points for the one trying to grow on the avenue…the car exhaust must be a challenge.

Finally…this a true sign of autumn green in the city…J-E-T-S…Jets, Jets, Jets… 🙂

Now off to find yellow….

Scavenger Hunt Sunday…October 9th.

Can’t believe its Sunday again…time sure does fly.   Without further ado let’s jump into the hunt.


Its always so fun to find these tranquil parts of the otherwise busy city I live in….


To this day this Fisher Price Little People Angry Boy still perplexes me…ever since I was a small child I always wondered to my myself why is he so angry…does he not like the other Fisher Price Little People….


I think the prompt meant black and white photo…hope so…  Here I love the concentration on my nephew’s face…which the black and while photo in my opinion emphasizes since there is no distraction from the color of the backyard.

Photography love...

4.  FOOD

One would think its easy to take a photo of food…but I find it amazingly difficult.

I love a red onions…they go with just about everything in my book….and now on the opposite end of the food spectrum is my other food photo of the week…

Not only did the cake look beautiful…it tasted delicious…thank you Cinderella Cakes…you guys are amazing.


To a child there is nothing like the blank space in the yard of the playground…and now in this new age of safety the blank space in the playground yard is full of this nice soft bark…as opposed to my childhood where the blank space in the playground was full of gravel or ashpalt….LOL

Scavenger Hunt Sunday…October 2nd.

It is amazing how quickly Sunday arrives….and wow this week’s prompts sure were tricky…but of course fun.  Well here are my finds…let me know what you think….everyone’s feedback thus far has been really inspiring and helpful.

Inspired By a Movie…

While I have never seen the movie…something about this statute reminded me of Chariots of Fire.


When I first saw this prompt the first thing that sprang to mind was UPS….yes I have seen far too many UPS commercials.  Instead I opted for this replica of the first submarine every created…sure was a great find both from an interest perspective and it was brown.  Can you imagine exploring the ocean in this submarine….

Photography love...

Coffee or Tea

Since I drink neither coffee nor tea for this prompt I opted for this trio of “cold chocolates” that I had the pleasure of trying this weekend.  From left to right….chocolate with lavender, chocolate with saffron and orange and finally bittersweet chocolate….in total YUM.


Nothing like lingering over a class of champagne at a lovely outdoor Sunday brunch with good friends….


Wasn’t able to find haze this weekend….so pulled this one from my library…


On to next weeks hunt…

Scavenger Hunt Sunday….September 25th

Well here we go….

Low Light…


It was a challenge to capture my nephew in the bath in a somwhat dark bathroom…..but I love his little hands in this one.



Definitely not a self portrait!!!! But I couldn’t resist the styling of this menu of small plates…



Or lack thereof in this case….


And this one looks more like someones coffee table….with the cigarettes and drink someone must have had a long call from this phonebooth.



Much harder then you think to find a green statue and green trees together….this was a real treat to find!!!



Winter is on the way…

Thanks for looking at my photos…and looking forward to seeing everyone elses interpretations of the prompts….until next week…

Scavenger Hunt Sunday…September 18th 2011

Here is my second attempt at Scavenger Hunt Sunday…hopefully I won’t fall into a sophomore slump with this one.  Thank you all of your comments – it really was a lot of fun seeing your supportive and helpful comments.


Here is the view from our apartment…I am still leaning how to properly catch the lights of the cars as they zoom down the avenue.  Any tips would be welcomed.


In my book…the Empire State building is always beautiful from any distance.
Photography love...


Sunday in our neighborhood means football…. J-E-T-S..Jets, Jets Jets…


This is the back of the statute from last week’s scavenger hunt….love the birds resting on this gentleman.


WWe stumbled upon these little birds yesterday enjoying a little bath in this small puddle in the park.

See you all at next weeks Scavenger Hunt…

My First Scavenger Hunt Sunday …

Well here is my first attempt at Scavenger Hunt Sunday…I have to say I have been a long time scavenger hunt viewer but first time poster…and a little nervous at that….here we go….

1.  BOKEH…

This is an old street light in the park…


Fun with the shadows from sunset this weekend…


This is a photo of a note that I left for my husband on 9/11.  We live in NYC and my husband was working downtown at the time.   When the planes struck the World Trade Center my husband was in Central Park…as you can tell from this note (which was written by me shortly after the first plane crashed and then edited when the second plane crashed – see the change of the 1 to a 2) the gravity of the event had not yet sunk in…my worry for my husband at that time was simply traffic. ..if that had really been our only worry…

Photography love...


I think this statute needs a little touching up…if I was better at photoshop perhaps I would try and fix it 🙂

5.  Flying Higher

While he doesn’t have too much air under his feet I love this photo of my nephew jumping while playing basketball with my dad…

And now my nephew is flying high…

Well that was fun….