And I Am Ready To Take Some Photos…


Scavenger Hunt Sunday – April 22nd

Another great set of clues this week and a lovely spring weekend made for some fun with the camera…..


I am sure I won’t be the only one to post yellow tulips this week….but wow they are sure in full bloom this week…

Something that makes or made you smile

I can always count on the windows at Bergdorf to make me smile…

Ancient or Antique

Our local watering hole is “ancient”..1884..but there is a reason why it has survived for all these year…its great every time…


You can always count on Spring to bring a splash of color to the park…

In the Sun

A glass building in the sun makes for amazing reflections….

Scavenger Hunt Sunday April 15, 2012

Last weekend was the Easter Parade on 5th Avenue in NYC…one of my favorite days in the city…the bonnets are so beautiful and so creative….  So I was bound and determined to find all of my clues at the parade…some are a stretch….but let’s go with it…..


The spirit of the parade is the elaborate bonnet…so simple was difficult at best…

The above bonnet was simply beautiful…

While the folks above just kept it simple…


Barley is a GRAIN in beer….


By plane….

Or by train – transportation well represented at the parade…


The Association of Milliners stitched some absolutely amazing hats….


Rain bubbles……Happy Belated Easter…or Nor’Easter…

Scavenger Hunt Sunday…March 18th 2012

Wow time flies…time for me to get back behind the camera and start snapping again….

It’s been a while since I last posted…hopefully I remember how to use WordPress and more importantly I hope people still stop by and check out my takes on this weeks excellent prompts.


Love the vintage feel of this street lamp in the park…they just don’t have that attention to detail anymore when they put up street lights.


Was in London this week and stumbled upon this poster promoting the British Olympic Team…but what in the world does the quote mean exactly…anyone have a sense?

Nature’s Own

Nature’s own first sign of Spring…Daffodils


Saint Paddy’s Day Street Photos….folks off to celebrate the day in our neighborhood.

Photographer’s Choice

A lovely Magnolia Blossom….here’s to Spring.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday…..December 4th…

Well the best laid plans don’t always work out…..This week I traveled to San Francisco for work….great place to take photos….beautiful city….but low and behold I forget my camera….

So the photos below were all taken by my “mighty Blackberry”….with some photo editing done with my Photo Toaster iPad app….so A for effort at least 🙂



While traveling on business it is hard to find a willing portrait subject….but I did this week find this very cool portrait someone else painted…



At the maritime museum they had these wonderful minature ship replicas and I just loved the mini photographer on this ship….he had a nostalgic feel to him…



Terminal market is amazing….from the clock to the amazing food shops inside….such a treat to visit…

Full of Light…


The Fisherman’s Wharf Christmas tree was full of sunlight…



While I do appreciate my mighty Blackberry camera there is no way to capture motion on it…so I went with “emotion”….the san francisco aspca together with Macys was holding a pet adoption and fundraiser….these two beautiful boys were in the window at Macys awaiting a new home. I am a big supporter of pound pets…our cats have always been from the pound…always good to give a stray a warm and welcome home.

These prompts were hard this week so I can’t wait to see how everyone else interpreted them…


Hope everyone had a wonderful long Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends.   For the hunt this week my husband and I made our way to the Macys Parade.  However you probably won’t be able to tell until the last photo…


When I first saw this prompt I said to myself this is perfect…I will take a photo of the crowd waiting for the parade to start…but we were late to the parade…oh well.  I took this one while “waiting” for my husband to get back from the restroom….I hope that counts as “waiting”…


Most of the foliage has already fallen in the park….but I stumbled upon this collection of fallen leaves as we made our way into the park.

I am entering this one into the “Shades of Autumn” finale…the fallen leaves signify the end of Autumn…and interestingly this photo has one of every color from the set of challenges…Thanks Kristi, Rebecca and Alicia for such a fun challenge….I can’t wait for your next one.
Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge


We stumbled upon this cute little guy on our way to the parade…love his holiday spirit.


We enjoyed a beautiful breakfast before the parade….


And yes about 60 photos or so later we finally made it to the parade…if you happened to be watching the parade on TV you will note that yes this is the final major balloon of the parade….but hey isn’t life about the journey and not simply the destination.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone…

Scavenger Hunt Sunday…November 20th…

First a big thank you to Kat at KatEyeStudio for calling out my Opposing Lines photo for a compliment on her blog this week….I have been floating on photography air all week since the post…THANK YOU!!!

Now without further ado on to the hunt…great set of prompts this week…can’t wait to see what everyone found……


The Christmas windows are up and they are spectacular…this here is just a small corner of what is an amazingly intricate window done primarily in white.  To put it in context here is the whole window…

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge


One huge challenge I find when taking photos of windows is the reflection off the window…but luckily “reflection” is a prompt this week…


Was a beautiful day in the park today…with the last of the leaves still hanging on the trees…


Love this writing on the wall as it means “movie production time” out side our apartment tomorrow…always so much fun to see the film crews in action…and an occasional celebrity or two…

PS – Note I was even able to get a little “bokeh” going in the background on this one…and maybe someday I will even be able to master “custom bokeh”…yes last week’s prompts are still on my mind….


Around our house on the weekends means cooking…inside that lovely red pot are homemade carnitas…yum…and I am sure come Thursday we will have some stuffing going in that same pot….

Can’t wait to see everyone’s photos…and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday….November 13th

Here we are again…how quickly Sunday finds us this week.    Well this weeks challenges were tough…and between travel and work I struggled with the  prompts….so without further ado (or excuses in my case this week) off to the hunt we go…


My twin nieces were born this year on my birthday…what a birthday present.  They were 6 weeks early and here is my niece  holding my father’s (her grandfather’s) hand….so glad that my nieces are now home, healthy and thriving….


Does O-Line vs. D-Line count is opposing lines….a stretch but work with me folks this week  🙂


Ok I am a camera newbie so I can barely bokeh let alone “custom bokeh” for forgive me but this is my best bokeh of the week….

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge


Used a little “Pixlr-o-matic” on this photo….for those interested I applied “Sophia”, “Subtle” and “Old”…


You can always count on my wee little nephew to help with a prompt….here he is wearing my shoes…notice he has them on the wrong feet…also this prompt has made me realize that its time for me to go shoe shopping…

Thanks folks for stopping by….can’t wait to see your photos this week!!!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday….November 6th

I have to say that these hunts are so addicting…I have been traveling off and on the last three weeks so finding time to take photos and to look at all the great photos that everyone else has taken sure has been a time management challenge….but well worth it as there are so many amazing photographers participating in these hunts and their work is inspiring….


This was a really really good dessert….


Not sure what this lovely fall  flower is that I found in my parent’s backyard…but it is such a lovely shade of purple…


Ah, my favorite photo subject…my little nephew.   Here he is in disguise as a celebrity…..wearing his favorite cap and his nana’s  glasses this past weekend….and what topped it off was his comment to me “no photos….no photos”…..US Magazine here he comes 🙂

Photography love...


Do you see the shape of a face on this tree…


Public art is amazing…..stumbled upon this this weekend and boy did it put a smile on my face!!!

See you all next weekend!!!


Another fun week of hunting….had to go to the archives for some photos this week becuase I was traveling…but hope you enjoy my interpretations of the prompts. Happy Halloween everyone…



Our black cat just loves being photographed….love the intensity in his eye and the detail the camera gets on his fur. So with the spirit of Halloween in the air I thought what better subject to take my macro photo of….

Found Texture


Interesting all the places where you can find texture….great prompt ans tutorial by kat. Certanly got me thinking



Not my home….but this sure is a pretty interesting home….



Tree covered walks are so beautiful…any time of the year…



Amazing what nature does….why did the leaves fall from only half of this tree in the park….

Thanks for stopping by my site…looking forward to your comments and I look forward to seeing what everyone else found this week!!!

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge…RED…

I so love the colors of Autumn…its just so amazing to see nature at work as the colors of the leaves change in the park.  This photo was taken by my little point and shoot…no photo editing at all…and I have to say  am proud of my little point and shoot. 

Four colors down and four more to go…purple next…that one is going to be hard…thanks everyone for stopping by my page…I look forward to reading your comments and seeing your RED photos too.
Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge