And I Am Ready To Take Some Photos…

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday…March 18th 2012

Wow time flies…time for me to get back behind the camera and start snapping again….

It’s been a while since I last posted…hopefully I remember how to use WordPress and more importantly I hope people still stop by and check out my takes on this weeks excellent prompts.


Love the vintage feel of this street lamp in the park…they just don’t have that attention to detail anymore when they put up street lights.


Was in London this week and stumbled upon this poster promoting the British Olympic Team…but what in the world does the quote mean exactly…anyone have a sense?

Nature’s Own

Nature’s own first sign of Spring…Daffodils


Saint Paddy’s Day Street Photos….folks off to celebrate the day in our neighborhood.

Photographer’s Choice

A lovely Magnolia Blossom….here’s to Spring.